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Take a look at our blog for a treasure trove of advice and inspiration for your next family holiday. Outdoor adventure starts here!

2024 Holidays Now Available to Book

We have a fantastic selection of overseas adventure holidays to choose from including our Maltese Adventure, Mediterranean Adventure on the Costa Brava, Ardeche Adventure in the South of France and Dordogne Adventure in France
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Book with Confidence

The question on everyone's mind is, should I book a holiday now or should I wait? Here's why you can book a holiday with us now, if you want to...(I think we all need something to look forward to right now!):
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Did you know we organise Single Parent Holidays?

At Acorn Adventure, we specialise in Single Parent Adventure Holidays and whilst single parent families often select from all of our holidays, we also offer a few holidays that are exclusive to single parents which we know is important to some of you...
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5 reasons to choose a Family Adventure Holiday for your next trip away...

Family adventure holidays have never been so popular, with many families now choosing fun experiences over the standard package beach holiday. Incorporating a range of exciting activities into your summer holiday means that you can all enjoy your vacation and get the most out of your quality time together...
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We're now taking family holiday bookings for 2021!

After a challenging few months (thanks to everyone who has been so kind & supported us), we've been busy making plans for summer 2021 and we're pleased to announce that our 2021 family adventure holidays are now ready and available to book! Yippee!
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Holidays make children smarter...!

If you are looking for a reason why you should finally book that summer holiday this year for your family, science says you should! According to an article written in The Telegraph, holidays make children happier and smarter...
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5 reasons why single parents worry about booking a holiday...(and the solutions!)

The thought of travelling alone with children as a single parent can often feel daunting and many single parents tell us they feel very anxious about booking a holiday by themselves. Especially for the first time...
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Four reasons you should go on holiday to France this summer

Choosing a family holiday can be a real joy, but also hard work! With so many countries and types of holiday to choose from, we really are spoiled for choice. Sometimes having too many options can leave us feel daunted. It may even stop us from every making a decision. Where to begin?
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Five reasons you should visit The Ardeche, South of France...

The Ardeche in the South of France is one of the country’s best kept secrets. With its magnificent scenery, historic streets, delicious cuisine and beautiful gorge (where you can experience the best family canoe trip ever!) here’s why you should start planning a family holiday to the Ardeche this summer...
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How to beat school holiday prices...

There is much discussion and debate about why holidays cost so much in the school holidays. It is a big source of frustration for many parents, especially for families who can't afford the peak prices and then have to consider whether to break the rules and take their children out of school in term time...
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