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5 reasons to choose a Family Adventure Holiday for your next trip away...

Here's five reasons why you should go on a Family Adventure Holiday...

Family adventure holidays have never been so popular, with many families now choosing fun experiences over the standard package beach holiday. Incorporating a range of exciting activities into your summer holiday means that you can all enjoy your vacation and get the most out of your quality time together.

We’ve come up with a list of five key reasons why you should choose a family activity holiday this summer.

 1. Challenge yourselves

It’s great to set yourself a challenge and succeed. It provides a real sense of accomplishment and for children in particular, it can give them a huge confidence boost. Activity holidays give everyone a personal challenge, whether its conquering a fear of heights, or having the confidence to paddle on a river. Achievement can even come from having a go at something you didn’t think you would like or enjoy. Often, it’s not about being the best at something that counts, but the willingness to have a go. Some of our best personal qualities come from such experiences, showing that challenging ourselves, even on holiday, is a great thing to do.

2. Share incredible experiences

There’s no greater way to maximise your quality time together than participating in fun experiences altogether as a family. These shared experiences create memories for life. When your child sees you screams with delight as you paddle down the river, when you see your child lean back on the abseil tower and conquer a fear, when you all sleep out under the stars together, or sit around the campfire… these are all precious times that will imprint into your memory forever. These magical moments are priceless.

3. Keep fit

An adventure holiday is proof in itself that keeping fit doesn’t have to be boring and can in fact, be lots of fun! Often, we link keeping fit with sweating at the gym in lycra. An activity holiday gives you all lots of opportunities to find an outdoor pursuit you can actually enjoy and hopefully take up as a hobby on your return home. They key is to find out what activity you like, which is different for us all. Trying a range of activities increases the odds that you will find your passion, helping you to keep fit more regularly for the rest of your life. Inspiring a love of the outdoors in children from a young age helps encourage a love for fitness, helping them go on to be healthy adults.

4. Strengthen family bonds

If you want your family to feel closer, introducing adventurous activities into your holiday is a great place to start. Often, family members are keen to branch out on their own on holiday or there is a divide created by everyone wanting to do different things. An organised adventure holiday means that the programme is set up for you and offers something that the whole family can enjoy. A university study has shown that shared adventurous activities foster open communication, encourage solidarity, and creates a stronger sense of shared memories, all of which help to build a better family dynamic.

5. It will make you smarter!

A recent study has shown that when a group of middle-aged walkers were asked to take at least three 45 minute walks per week for a year, their brains grew by an average of two percent. Your hippocampus gets smaller as you approach your mid-50’s (typically), causing potential memory loss. Regular exercise can reverse this effect. Bringing more activity into your life, including on holiday therefore is a really positive thing, not only for your brain but for your sense of well-being. Introducing activity to young people early on in their life will help them encourage them to be fitter and healthier into mature adult life. But you are never too old to start!

About our family adventure holidays…

At Acorn Family Holidays, we offer a choice of seven exciting adventure holiday destinations in France, Italy, Spain and Wales. All of our holidays include a range of fun water sports and land-based activities. From kayaking to stand up paddleboarding, abseiling to high ropes, we have something to challenge and inspire the whole family. All of our holidays include full board accommodation, a full programme of activities, evening entertainment, kit & equipment. Some also include travel by coach and ferry.

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