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Holidays make children smarter...!

Why holidays make children smarter...!

If you are looking for a reason why you should finally book that summer holiday this year for your family, science says you should!

According to an article written in The Telegraph, holidays make children happier and smarter.

Why? Firstly, it’s because of the quality time we spend with our children on holiday. In a typical day we spend two thirds of our time talking about the daily routine and many parents confess that they spend very little time playing with their children. Only 65% of parents say they play with their children occassionally.

Secondly, holidays can advance brain development in children. I will leave you to read the full article on this. It’s interesting.

Find out more about how holidays make children happier and smarter by reading the full Telegraph article here. 

Fundamentally, we all know that holidays (the right kind of holiday that is) make us happier both individually and as a family. Quality time together is priceless…so grab a cuppa and explore our action packed family holidays. You now have the perfect excuse!

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